Susanne M. Jaeggi

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摘要: Susanne M. Jaeggi, Ph.D. Principal Investigator from Working Memory and Plasticity Laboratory in University of Maryland

Jaeggi? (read: /?yakee/) grew up in a tiny village 5,407?ft above sea level in the mountains of Switzerland. She found her way down to Bern, where she completed her Ph.D.s in Psychology and Neuroscience. She later moved to Ann Arbor to expand her horizon as a Post-Doc at the University of Michigan, before joining the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland as an Assistant Professor. Susanne Jaeggi is the director of the Working Memory and Plasticity Laboratory.

Research Interests

    My main focus of interest lies in the investigation of capacity limits of human information processing, in particular in the domain of working memory and executive functions. I investigate the behavioral as well as the neural consequences when performance is at capacity limits, and also, when capacity limits are exceeded. In this domain, my main goal is to understand the impact of interindividual differences and age-related changes that affect cognition in general.

    Another line of research addresses the question whether and how working memory capacity can be improved and whether such improvements have generalizing effects in other cognitive domains. Specifically, I cognitively train participants with the goal not only to improve their performance in the trained task, but also in other tasks that were not part of the training. In these studies, I aim to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie training and transfer for which we have only a limited understanding until now.

    Finally, I am investigating the relationship between working memory capacity and attentional processes and ruminative behavior in healthy and depressed participants.




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